Criminal Defense

Criminal law is, largely, defined by a set of specific statutes found in the Rhode Island General Laws.  Titles 11 and 12, entitled Criminal Offenses and Criminal Procedure, provide the statutory framework for the practice of Criminal Law.  Titles 13 and 14, entitled Criminals-Correctional Institutions and Delinquent and Dependent Children, are also applicable.  A thorough understanding of these statutes (laws), and the manner in which they’ve been interpreted by the Rhode Island Supreme Court, is critical to the effective practice of criminal law.

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo Montecalvo possesses a comprehensive knowledge of these important criminal statutes.  And, with more than 13 years experience practicing criminal law and trying cases in every county in Rhode Island, Craig V. Montecalvo ensures that every client gets the full benefit of every law and every rule.  Attorney Montecalvo has extensive experience handling matters involving homicide, murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, child molestation, child pornography offenses, child abuse, child neglect, felony assault, assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence offenses, robbery, narcotics and drug offenses, burglary, breaking and entering, arson, larceny, and all white collar crimes including insurance fraud.

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo will handle your criminal matter from beginning to end, including matters associated with arrest, bail hearings, arraignments, presentments, pretrials, jury trials, and appeals.

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