Narcotics/Drug Offenses

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo provides professional and effective legal representation to clients who have been charged with narcotics or drug crimes. These offenses carry severe sentences, including life in prison, and require the services of an attorney experienced in criminal law. Commonly charged drug offenses include the possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, steroids, and prescription pain killers and other narcotics. Other frequently charged offenses relate to the delivery or possession with intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. In many circumstances, an individual may be charged with any of the various marijuana offenses even though they lawfully possess a “medical marijuana card”.

Having practiced criminal law for the last 14 years Attorney Montecalvo is well equipped to defend any drug prosecution, and will handle cases for clients from beginning to end. Attorney Montecalvo will secure bail or conduct bail hearings, will guide clients through the charging process, will be present for arraignments and attend pretrial conferences, will secure favorable dispositions, and will expertly conduct jury trials on behalf of clients charged with drug offenses.

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