Criminal Defense

Homicide Cases in Rhode Island

Attorney Craig Montecalvo has invaluable prosecutorial and defense experience to defend against homicide charges, one of the most serious charges that an individual can face. Homicide charges include first- and second-degree murder and manslaughter, with defendants often facing life, or other lengthy sentences, in prison. Attorney Montecalvo has handled over fifty homicide cases in Rhode Island courtrooms, with a well-documented record of success for his clients. Issues presented during those cases include self-defense, battered women’s syndrome, alibi, and conspiracy. As a result of his extensive experience handling all aspects of homicide cases, Attorney Montecalvo is uniquely well suited to aggressively represent clients charged with these most serious offenses.

Sex Crimes

Attorney Craig Montecalvo focuses on representing clients charged with sex crimes including sexual assault, child molestation, child pornography and solicitation of a minor. Sex offenses are harshly prosecuted and carry severe punishments. Convictions lead to lengthy consequences, including registering as a sex offender, which may profoundly impact a client’s future. Attorney Montecalvo expertly represents clients accused of sex crime charges and has the experience to robustly defend the full scope his client’s rights, while building an extremely tough defense case. 

Having worked in the criminal justice system for over 23 years, Attorney Montecalvo understands the complexity of RI sex crime law.

Narcotics/Drug Offenses

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo provides professional and effective legal representation to clients who have been charged with narcotics or drug crimes. These offenses carry severe sentences, including life in prison, and require the services of an attorney experienced in criminal law. Commonly charged drug offenses include the possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, steroids, and prescription pain killers and other narcotics. Other frequently charged offenses relate to the delivery or possession with intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. In many circumstances, an individual may be charged with any of the various marijuana offenses even though they lawfully possess a “medical marijuana card.”

Having practiced criminal law for the last 24 years, Attorney Montecalvo is well equipped to defend any drug prosecution and will handle cases for clients from beginning to end. Attorney Montecalvo will secure bail or conduct bail hearings, will guide clients through the charging process, will be present for arraignments and attend pretrial conferences, will secure favorable dispositions, and will expertly conduct jury trials on behalf of clients charged with drug offenses.

Other Areas of Criminal Defense Law

Juvenile Justice

Every child charged with violating the law deserves to be represented by an attorney skilled at negotiating the juvenile justice process in Family Court.  Attorney Montecalvo has 

unique, extensive, and winning experience handling matters in which a juvenile has been charged by the police with criminal wrongdoing.  Attorney Montecalvo gained vast juvenile justice experience as a Special Assistant Attorney General handling juvenile criminal cases in Family Court and, for the past 10 years, has provided juvenile clients and their parents with the benefit of that experience.  Family Court police prosecutions can profoundly affect a child’ life and future.  Attorney Montecalvo stands ready to help.

Probation and Bail Violations

Attorney CVM provides an experienced and vigorous defense to clients charged with violating the terms of their probation and bail.

An individual accused of violating the terms of his or her probation may be subjected to serving the maximum available sentence without a full trial and without application of the constitutional rights afforded at trial.  Every person charged with violating the terms of his or her probation should be represented by an experienced probation violation attorney, like CVM.

An individual accused of violating the terms of his or her bail is subject to being held without bail for up to 90 days. It’s crucial that every person charged with a bail violation be represented by an accomplished bail violation attorney at the presentment or arraignment hearing.

White Collar Offenses

The Law office of Attorney Craig Montecalvo provides superior legal representation to clients accused of white-collar offenses like fraud or embezzlement.

White collar crimes, although generally non-violent in nature, still carry harsh penalties upon conviction including prison time, heavy fines, and a criminal record. 

Attorney Montecalvo aggressively represents clients accused of white-collar crimes including bribery, money laundering, computer crimes, identity theft, or any other criminal offense related to fraud or finances. These criminal offenses are frequently investigated by the RI State Police financial crimes unit or other specialized law enforcement units.  Attorney Montecalvo has extensively worked with these units on behalf of clients, achieving successful results.

With an educational background in business, and formerly an adjunct professor of Business Law and Contracts at Providence College, Attorney Montecalvo brings a unique perspective and depth of expertise to the criminal defense of white-collar crimes. That perspective and expertise is used to build a solid case strategy, with a distinctive personal approach, to achieve top outcomes for clients. 

Child Abuse & Neglect

Attorney Craig Montecalvo is skilled and tough regarding the defense of clients who are accused of child abuse or neglect.

With today’s mandated reporter laws, a client can swiftly be facing troubling accusations that carry devastating effects on personal life, family relationships, and employment. A person convicted of first-degree child abuse faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years to serve in prison, so aggressive representation in these cases is key. 

Attorney Montecalvo thoroughly understands the complexity of child abuse & neglect cases and can provide unparalleled insight into a clients’ best defense, having years of experience dealing with such cases. 

Bail Hearings

Attorney Montecalvo provides top tier representation to clients who were held without bail at the arraignment of a capital offense case.

At the bail hearing, whether in Superior or District Court, the Judge will consider certain specific factors when determining whether to exercise his or her discretion to set bail. A comprehensive understanding of those factors and an ability to conduct a bail hearing are critical qualities for any competent criminal defense attorney.  Attorney Craig Montecalvo has enjoyed outstanding success at securing bail for his clients.

For clients charged with a new offense, who seek to be released on bail, Attorney Montecalvo is the lawyer of choice to accurately represent the case at this pretrial phase. Having practiced criminal law for over 23 years, he is well positioned to defend any client, making the strongest case for granting of bail, and maintenance of liberties while awaiting trial. 

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