DUI / Breathalyzer Refusal

Charged With DUI or Breathalyzer Refusal in Rhode Island?

With more than two decades of comprehensive experience, Attorney Craig Montecalvo is particularly well qualified to build a strong defense for your DUI case. As a former prosecutor and a seasoned defense attorney, he thoroughly understands the DUI laws and will fight hard, advocating for the best outcome in your case. 

The laws governing drunk driving and driving under the influence of marijuana offenses are complex, and each case tends to present unique challenges. If you are charged with a DUI, know that you will receive full attention to every detail of your specific charges, with a thorough analysis and effective strategy aimed at winning your case.

Offering topnotch, aggressive representation, Attorney Montecalvo will personally walk you through each step of the process, explaining any related matters, such as license suspension or potential criminal penalties. You will work directly with him, not an associate, or paralegal, to mount a vigorous defense against your DUI charges. 

Hire an Experienced, Tough Rhode Island DUI Attorney

Being arrested for a DUI in Rhode Island can feel very frightening and overwhelming. You may wonder how this arrest could impact your job, school, or future. Attorney Montecalvo has helped hundreds of clients navigate the particularly challenging aspects of being charged with a DUI, working earnestly to secure the most favorable outcome on their behalf. 

His determination to achieve a top outcome is evident in every interaction. Well respected by colleagues, police officers, and judges, his familiarity with the court system and legal process is unsurpassed in the area. In fact, police officers, judges, and colleagues have referred family and friends specifically to Attorney Montecalvo for representation in these types of cases. 

Fight DUI Consequences in Rhode Island with Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo

Fight DUI Consequences in Rhode Island with Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo

Finding a well-qualified attorney with DUI expertise can make all the difference as you face the consequences of a DUI arrest. For first- and second-time offenders, DUI cases generally result in a misdemeanor charge which can still carry weighty penalties, including jail time. Judges often impose fines, community service, and license suspension along with other mandatory consequences. Depending on your case, and the level of representation you have, the outcome can vary quite a bit. Hiring top notch, skilled representation is one of the most important decisions you can make. 

Felony DUI

Felony DUI charges in Rhode Island generally involve more profound consequences, including a prison sentence, large fines, and a lengthy license suspension. A person is charged with felony DUI when there is death, serious bodily injury, or in a third (or more) DUI situation. 

Because of the high stakes involved, it is critically important that you hire an extremely experienced, aggressive attorney to represent you in felony DUI cases.

Breathalyzer Refusal

Breathalyzer refusal in Rhode Island is a complicated matter with a variety of potential outcomes. In most cases, if you refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test, your license will automatically be suspended at arraignment. A first-time refusal is a civil case, and handled at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal, while DUI and second offense refusal cases are misdemeanors and charged through the District Court. 

In Rhode Island, breathalyzer refusals are being treated more harshly in some cases, so securing the help of a knowledgeable attorney will position you for the best outcome. An expert DUI attorney can assess your case to ensure there was proven probable cause for arrest, and all relevant matters were handled properly. In some cases, charges can be dismissed or reduced. Seeking top level representation to minimize serious penalties is a key step in effective resolution of a breathalyzer refusal case. 

License Suspension

In Rhode Island, a person’s driver’s license may be preliminarily suspended at the initial appearance or arraignment of a Breathalyzer Refusal case at the RI Traffic Tribunal.  Sometimes, a person may be ordered to not drive as a condition of bail at an arraignment on a DUI case at the District Court. Minimum mandatory license suspensions may be a part of any sentence imposed on either a DUI or Breathalyzer Refusal case. The arguments advanced by your lawyer at these important hearings can impact whether your driver’s license is suspended or the duration of any license suspension, so choosing the right attorney can greatly influence your driving privileges. 

An attorney with extensive DUI experience and a solid reputation will argue on your behalf for a lessened suspension period. Additionally, you may be a candidate for a hardship license or an ignition interlock device to allow for work-related or limited driving. Working with an aggressive, experienced attorney can minimize your license loss, and achieve the best outcome for your DUI case. 

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