Experienced Rhode Island Expungement Attorney

If you need an experienced expungement attorney in Rhode Island, look no further than the office of Attorney Craig Montecalvo. With a thorough understanding of the expungement laws, he can quickly advise whether you are a candidate for expungement. 

Attorney Montecalvo makes the process as easy as possible for each client. His goal is swift, easy, and complete removal of criminal convictions or charges in every eligible case. 

Hiring an aggressive, knowledgeable attorney is the first step in the expungement process. Attorney Montecalvo will work diligently to clear your record of any applicable charges, so you can move forward in your life with minimal disruption. 

Benefits of Expungement in Rhode Island

Clients seek an expungement of their criminal record for a wide variety of reasons. Successfully petitioning the court to grant a motion to expunge provides the client with peace of mind and makes him or her more confident submitting applications for jobs or for admission to schools.

Can I Have my Criminal Record Expunged in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island expungement law allows for certain people to have criminal offenses expunged including arrests, probation, criminal charges, and convictions. Due to new laws pertaining to expungements, even certain people with multiple misdemeanor convictions and either one or no felony convictions may qualify.  As an experienced expungement lawyer In Rhode Island, Attorney Montecalvo will make the process as simple as possible for you. 

Depending on when the charges occurred, and how the case ended in court, Attorney Montecalvo can advise you of the best process to handle your specific charges and deliver an optimal resolution for your case.

You will most likely not have to appear in court and Attorney Montecalvo will appear on your behalf to have the charges expunged. You will be personally notified when your matter is resolved and be provided with copies of all documents.

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