Other Areas of Practice

Family Law

The Law Office of Craig V. Montecalvo provides top quality legal representation to clients in need of assistance with matters of Family Law. Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo is prepared to help to clients with matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, and juvenile criminal matters.

Civil Litigation

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo provides practical, innovative, and economic solutions to business clients. Attorney Montecalvo assists clients with a wide range of commercial matters including the negotiation of leases and contracts, business formation, licensing, and employment law issues. With an educational background in business, and as a former adjunct professor of Business Law and Contracts at Providence College, Attorney Montecalvo brings a unique perspective and depth of expertise to the practice of business law. That perspective and expertise is utilized to provide personal and insightful legal advice to business clients.

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo is available to assist clients with a wide variety of civil issues and concerns, including Torts, Tort Liability, Civil Liability and Litigation, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Wrongful Death, Civil Restraining Orders, and Slip and Fall Cases. 

Juvenile Justice

Every child charged with violating the law deserves to be represented by an attorney skilled at negotiating the juvenile justice process in Family Court.  Attorney Montecalvo has unique, extensive, and winning experience handling matters in which a juvenile has been charged by the police with criminal wrongdoing.  Attorney Montecalvo gained vast juvenile justice experience as a Special Assistant Attorney General handling juvenile criminal cases in Family Court and, for the past 10 years, has provided juvenile clients and their parents with the benefit of that experience.  Family Court police prosecutions can profoundly affect a child’ life and future.  Attorney Montecalvo stands ready to help.

Auto Accidents

The Law Office of Craig V. Montecalvo provides superior legal representation to clients involved in, or injured during, automobile accidents. Individuals injured in automobile accidents and crashes need to quickly protect their rights. Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo will provide the appropriate guidance immediately after the accident. Then, Attorney Montecalvo will counsel clients regarding optimum legal strategies designed to ensure that they are properly compensated, will negotiate with insurance company representatives on behalf of clients, and will prepare and conduct jury trials if an acceptable settlement is not reached.

Personal Injury

Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo provides sophisticated and effective legal services to clients who have been injured. Whether an individual has been injured because of the negligence of someone else, or because of an intentional act, Attorney Montecalvo will achieve the compensation and remedy deserved. With extensive Rhode Island courtroom experience, and the complete confidence to try cases to juries on behalf of clients, Craig Montecalvo will research, prepare, and manage each individual client’s case personally and efficiently. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, in a car or motorcycle crash, because of an intentional act by someone else, or at work, Attorney Craig V. Montecalvo is available to help.

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