Student Misconduct / Title IX

Title IX/ Student Misconduct Defense Attorney Rhode Island

Attorney Craig Montecalvo has extensive experience vigorously defending student sexual misconduct allegations in Rhode Island colleges and universities. These days, and for a variety of reasons, colleges and universities aggressively investigate and prosecute Title IX claims whether the alleged incident occurred on or off campus.

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Particularly concerning for any student facing a Title IX investigation or hearing is that there often exists a parallel criminal investigation being conducted by a municipal police department or by the RI State Police. It is absolutely imperative that the student be acutely aware of how certain statements or decisions that he or she may make during the school’s administrative investigation may affect any ongoing law enforcement criminal investigation.

Whether a particular case involves a criminal component or not, sharp, aggressive, legal representation is crucial. Students accused of these violations are vulnerable to long-term consequences in their personal, academic, and professional futures. Hiring a top attorney, with comprehensive, relevant experience is critical to achieving a positive outcome. 

Rhode Island Student Misconduct Attorney

Attorney Montecalvo’s long standing reputation as both an aggressive defense attorney and a tough prosecutor, provides a leading edge to developing a strong defense in these cases. If you or your student is facing a Title IX investigation, mounting an early, solid defense is absolutely key to securing a fair and favorable outcome. 

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